5 Tips to Have a Healthy Manicure

Most individuals love gel manicures because they last longer, are beautiful, and react less on the hand. However, there are several other procedures you can utilize based on preference. If you have little experience in manicure, kindly sort for online tutorial videos or hire a professional.

Tips to Have a Healthy Manicure

Some brands have simplified instructions to enable newbies to navigate their ways around their products. These designs are adequate across different locations with low negative reviews. You can consider getting one soon. To have a healthy manicure, below are standard tips you should adhere to if you want the best experience:

Tips to Have a Healthy Manicure

Research/ask relevant questions

By asking relevant questions, you want to ensure every step involved in the gel color nails manicure is appropriate to avoid any mistake. In addition, research enables you to know the details of what the process entails and which procedure comes before the other. (more…)

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Six Shades You Should Not Miss out Wearing to the Office

Generally, you choose your nail colors to suit your attire and the season. As you wear formal dresses when going to office, it would not be ideal for you to go with the flashy colors that look great on a picnic or a social gathering. You would love to have a decent and somber-looking finish to your nails. Hence, your nail polish set should contain these simple colors that allow you to make a forceful statement and gel with your official attire. Here are six simple shades that would suit all office wear..

Top 6 Nail Colors to the Office

Red is the universal nail polish color

Top 6 Nail Colors to the Office

Ask anyone to name their three favorite nail polish colors, and you will find red in each one of them. Red allows you to make a forceful statement as it matches with every official outfit. Be it the formal and straightforward official dress or the snappy office suit for an annual general meeting, and red is the ‘Go To’ color if you feel lost for color choices. Red can bail you out of trouble every time. Red will find a prominent place in the list if you go through the best gel polish kit of almost all nail products manufacturers. (more…)

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How to Get the Best Tanning + Steps Involved Making Your Face Ready Before Tanning

Everyone in western culture desires a sun-kissed, slightly bronzed face for enhanced beauty and sex appeal. There are numerous ways to obtain a tan which includes tanning bed, sunless tanners, and outdoor tanning. Your body tends to tan faster and deeper than your face. You need special attention to your face due to its delicate skin.

How to Get Best Tanning

Is Sun Exposure for Tanning Healthy?

Spending a few hours under the sun helps your body to produce Vitamin D. Although tanning beds can help your skin glow in minutes, it increases the risk of skin cancer.

Therefore you need to use proper techniques to get the best tan faster by taking few precautions.

Use Sunscreen with SPF30

Use sunscreen with broad-spectrum UV protection of at least SPF 30. It blocks the harmful UVA and UVB rays but helps in tanning safely. Apply the sunscreen 20 minutes before moving out.

Eat Beta Carotene-Rich Food

Some foods like carrot, sweet potatoes, and kale help you tan by reducing the sun sensitivity in people with photosensitive diseases.

Eat Lycopene-Rich Food

Foods like tomatoes, guava, and watermelon helps protect the skin naturally against UV rays.

Use Oil Rich in Natural SPF

Few oils like avocado, coconut, raspberry, and carrot can be used and sunscreen as they naturally contain SPF.

Avoid Long Sun Exposure

Do not expose yourself for more than 2-3 hours as, within this time, body melanin responsible for tanning reaches its maximum limit. Beyond this time, your skin will not get darker and become harmful.

Tanning Time Is Vital

For faster and safer body tanning, choose your time in the morning or after 3 p.m. as the sun is the strongest between 12 noon and 3p.m.

Use a Pre-Tan Exfoliator

It helps to retain your tan evenly for longer. It is applied before tanning.

Using Self–Tanner

Choose a self-tanner with the right ingredients that suit your face and body. It should be applied evenly around your body and face before going to the tanning bed. The tanners are usually available as lotions, creams, gels, foams, sprays, and oil.

There are some best face tanning bed lotions available that speeds up the tanning process by absorbing the UV rays. They contain ingredients like Tyrosine, which increases melanin production. (more…)

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How OPI Gel Polish Helps You Make a Fashion Statement

“Where did you get your nails done?” has replaced the previous fashion catch-cry of “love the lip colors” in 2021. From the international fashion shows to everyone’s local salon, nail art is trending on number one, which is why eye-catching nail treatments with OPI nail lacquers are our new fashion obsessive trend.

Those days are gone when women contend with a single shade of nail paint. By 2021, your nails should be an extension of your designer clothing, make-up, heels, and bags. This is the perfect time to revel in creative and innovative nail designs with the amazing range of hues and tones of the OPI gel nail polish. The smooth gel texture of the OPI nail lacquers makes your nails instantly more aesthetically appealing and attractive.

How OPI Gel Polish Helps You Make a Fashion Statement

What Are OPI Nail Lacquers? 

OPI nail lacquers are one of the top-trending nail polish formulas in 2021, which are chip-free and promise a glossier finish to the nails. The signature brush of OPI gel polish offers effortlessly smooth application. (more…)

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Most Effective Anti-Aging Skincare Routine Anyone Can Follow

Everybody desire to look as beautiful as possible, and whenever we start seeing any signs of aging, we start to freak out. Nobody can deny that we have to face it one day, be it today or after several years.

Even though it’s impossible to eliminate this process, we can attempt our best to prevent it as much as possible.

Most Effective Anti-Aging Skincare

The Body is Important

Sometimes we may forget to take care of our body, thinking just taking care of the facial skin will do everything. But unfortunately, it does not work like that.


Suppose you have great skin, but then your hands have wrinkles and spots all over, making you look older. Moisturizing your hand more often with the best hand cream for age spots is the best option in this scenario. Other than that, never forget to use sunscreen every day.


After hands, the most neglected part of our body is our foot. We don’t even think of caring for it. You should do a pedicure every once in a while at home to take care of them.

Just soak your feet in warm water for some time, clean with a soft brush, and apply a foot cream. Try to apply a thick and good quality foot cream every day before going to bed. (more…)

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What Kind of Tattoo Last Longer

After spending tons of money on a tattoo, nobody wants it to fade away. If you have a tattoo, maybe you are also worried about your tattoo’s fading, or maybe you just don’t want to get through that pain again. No matter whatever your reason is, you can prevent the fading problem of your tattoo to a limited extent. Although there is no guarantee that your tattoo will not dissolve at all but by following some measures, you can delay it for sure.

What Kind of Tattoo Last Longer

Ink Matters

You can take some advice from your tattoo artist beforehand on what kind of tattoos will last longer. Because of sun exposure, some tattoos change their colors, or the crisp lines become scattered after some time. Black ink for tattoo can come in handy in this situation because black ink doesn’t change color or don’t fade away that easily. Now it’s up to your design as well. But I would suggest not to go for a design because of the color as it is a permanent thing.

Taking Care is Necessary

Give yourself time to heal before going out. If you want your tattoo to look as intense as possible, then the first thing that you should do is to take your time. Your tattooed skin can be susceptible, especially for the first few weeks. Don’t just go around as the skin may catch an infection if it comes close to any unfavorable condition. Cover the area with clothing or anything comfortable while wearing loose-fitting clothes to help the skin keep breathing.

Please avoid prolonged sun exposure even after the healing process is done. When your tattoo is still healing, your skin is not ready for the sun tanning session. As it can not only damage your newly formed tattoo but can also cause damage to your skin permanently. A white ring around the tattoo can appear because of this. Even after the skin is back in its previous form, you still would not want to expose yourself to the sun’s heat for an extended period. As it can cause a change in the ink color since the ink reacts to too much sun exposure to induce this behavior. (more…)

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How to Choose the Best New DND Gel Polish to Match Your Outfits

Nail polish is the perfect way to embellish your nails and enhance the overall attraction quotient. Women do not need any ornamentation to attract anyone. Their natural charm can work wonders, but it does not cost much to beautify your nails and make yourself as presentable as possible. Hence, you find almost all women having an exquisite DND nail polish collection in their makeup kit.

The advantage of having a massive nail polish collection is that it allows you to choose your nail polish according to the outfit you don for the day. Have you ever attempted to match your nail polish to the dress you wear? If not, it is the right time to do so because the new DND gel polish sets are available in a riot of colors to suit every outfit.

Matching your nail polish with your dress does not entail having red-colored polish for a red dress or a blue-colored manicure with a blue combo. It is more about matching a combination of different colors that work well with almost all outfits. So, you have a nail polish combo ready for whatever color dress you wish to wear.

Here are simple tips to help you match your DND nail polish with your outfits.

Color Blocking is a wonderful option

The ideal way of matching your nail polish with your dress is to color block. Some colors display a huge contrast, but they gel with each other beautifully. For example, you find people looking fabulous wearing a green top on a blue outfit, a combo of yellow and blue, and maybe, even red and green. Though the contrast levels are massive, they look outstanding when matched together. (more…)

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The 5 Biggest Nail Trends in 2021

Numerous changes in terms of designs and products have been witnessed in the manicure industry. The biggest nail product producers have been on the rush to flood the market with their products. Furthermore, manicure designers have been on the race to invent the coolest nail designs that everyone can envy both in the present and the future. Suffice it to say; upcoming trends give developers some migraines as they struggle to provide their clients with world-class designs at the most affordable prices. The manufacturers of different nail product like Acrylics, gels or dip systems like Kiara sky, SNS, DND or Nugenesis dip powder systems among others are also in a rush to develop some of the best products that can be used by designers to come up with can be used to will serve their clients in the best way possible. As such, there is a need to acquaint ourselves with the upcoming 2021 nail trends.

At the moment, the manicure industry is dealing with WFH standards. A considerable number of trending nail designs can be approached from a DIY angle; thus, adding a few twists will see them better and more refined. All you need is the right products for your endeavours therefore when you go shopping for nail products, make sure that you get the best gels, acrylics or dip powder colours like SNS, DND or Nugenesis nail colors. With the best products, smiley faces, rhinestones and other fun add-ons will be easy to create. To get a peek of some of the best upcoming designs that are likely to rock 2021, just read through the item below and find the most favourite manicure that you would love to try in 2021.

Biggest Nail Trends

Indie Nails

Indie nails are an upcoming trend that manicure nail designers are optimistic about their manicure industry position. After a long Pinterest search, this design shows potential in becoming one of the classiest 2021 methods that will be highly sought for. The design is inspired by mismatched emoji where each nail has a different emoji. (more…)

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Top 6 Best Clean Skin Care Products for Acne 2020

No matter what kind of acne you have, bacterial, fungal or hormonal, it can become a menace for the health of your skin as well as for your social life. It is also difficult to put on makeup on the acne covered face because it tends to get trapped in the bumpy surface of the skin. Also, acne prone skin is a major site of skin infections. For people with acne prone skin, it is their top-most priority to keep their skin clean and free from any impurities so there is no further outbreak in future. Here are the best skin care products to keep your skin clean and free from acne.

Belli Anti-Blemish Facial wash & cleanser for Acne-Prone Skin

Amazon best-selling product B00HHGPKZK


Belli facial cleanser and face wash is a target for acne and hormonal frequently occurring breakouts. It has an effective combination of green tea and cucumber extract which provides exfoliation and deep cleansing. Its antioxidant properties protect from infections which are quite common in acne prone skin. The product is tested for harmful chemicals and is completely safe for acne prone skin.

NxN Acne Treatment Kit 4-Step Clear Skin System

Amazon best-selling product B07KGKZQ5G


NxN 4 step clear skin system is the best acne treatment for teens with a number of beneficial and effective features. It has components ranging from salicylic acid cleanser to probiotics which allow and improve the growth of beneficial bacteria. Green tea reduces redness and inflammation that occurs due to the pimple outbreak. It soothes them out and makes the skin clear. The Liquorice is a great supportive agent which evens out the tone and reduces discoloration and blemishes. It is a complete package of natural richness to treat and prevent acne.

Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Facial Moisturizer

Amazon best-selling product B00NR1YQKO


Neutrogena acne facial moisturizer has a pleasant fruity fragrance which feels appealing to the senses. The salicylic acid is the prime medicated ingredient for the treatment of acne. The formula is totally water based and non-greasy so it does not cause any occlusive or clogged pores. This makes it different from other types of moisturizers. Using it three times daily makes a huge and visible difference in the health of your skin. (more…)

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Top 5 Best Night Care for Face to Clear Skin

Night is the best time to do your skin care routine. This is because during night, as you take rest, your skin gets the maximum time to retain the best of the nutrients you tried to provide and allows the cells to uplift and rejuvenate. Facial massage or any exfoliating process can do wonders if done at night and highly improves the blood circulation to all the cells. Also at night time your skin is least exposed to any allergen or harmful environmental effect, so this is the best time for self-care. Check out our best night care products which will make your facial skin clear and beautiful.

Revision Skincare Firming Night Treatment

Amazon best-selling product B003TY8UEC


Revision skincare has produced a hydrating night skin care formula for dry and sensitive skin types. The product is dual acting which gives both instant and long acting moisturization to the skin. The reduction of fine lines makes the skin youthful and the replenishing ingredients make the skin look healthier. The result is a clear and smooth skin.

Cetaphil Redness Relieving Night Moisturizer

Amazon best-selling product B01M68AVUB


This Cetaphil moisturizer relives dryness that is one of the main causes of redness and inflammation. It helps the skin soothe and allows healing and regrowth. The product does not clog pores so no further damage occurs. It is a totally safe and dermatologist’s approved product.

OLAY Age Defying Anti-Wrinkle Replenishing Night Cream

Amazon best-selling product B000NUTUMQ


The Olay age defying night cream is especially designed product for aging skin. It contains a combination of essential vitamins and minerals, such as Vitamin E, B3 and B5 which are very important skin exfoliators. These vitamins help in the tightening and firmness of the loose skin and also boost the collagen growth. The formula is light weight and non-greasy. The ingredients of this cream make it the best overnight cream for 30s. (more…)

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