Attractive Dip Nails Designs You Should Try in 2022

Attractive Dip Nails Designs You Should Try in 2022

Dip powder nails are exciting because they allow you to experiment with your nails in many ways. For example, having nail art designs or glitter on your dip powder manicures is easy. Besides, dip powders are available in an extensive range of colors. For example, the Nugenesis color chart displays more than 100 color options you can try. So, we shall discuss some exciting dip-nails designs you can have in 2022. These designs can set the trend for others to follow.

Best Dip Nail Designs for 2022

Dip Nail Encasing Design

Best Dip Nail Designs for 2022

Nail encasing has become a hot trend today. The process is simple because you can quickly encase almost any object into your nail designs. Generally, people like to encase flowers, silicon, mylar, etc., and make their nail designs look excellent.

However, when you encase designs like flowers, you should be careful with your color choices. Fortunately, you have Nugenesis dip powder colors in various shades. The light colors like natural pink, nude browns, etc., are the best.

The nail encasing design procedure starts with applying a complete basecoat layer to the nail. Next, dip your nails into the powder color of your choice from the Nugenesis dip powder color chart. Next, you have to apply the basecoat again over the powder layer and gently press the flowers to the nail to be as flat as possible. Finally, you can encapsulate them with twin layers of color and add a final layer of basecoat. You can now proceed with the activator gel and topcoat to finish the dip nail encasing design.

Dip Nail Gold Flakes Design

Best Dip Nail Designs for 2022

The dip nail gold flakes design can be beautiful, especially if you wear it for a wedding. The nail manicure matches your wedding attire and jewelry perfectly to make you stand apart from the crowd.

The best part of the gold flakes design is that it does not interfere with your regular dipping procedure. Once you prep your nails, you can apply the basecoat and dip your fingernail into the Nugenesis powder color of your choice. However, you should avoid metallic or yellow color shades if you want the gold flakes design on your nails. It is better to have dark colors. On the other hand, pure white color is also an excellent choice.

Now, you can sprinkle the gold flakes powder over your nails wherever you want. Next, complete the activator gel application and finish with a topcoat layer. Your dip nails gold flakes design is ready with its stunning appearance.

This design stands out because it matches your jewelry and makes you look exceedingly beautiful. You can sprinkle some green powder along with the gold dust to make it more attractive.

Dip Powder Mood Changing Colors

Best Dip Nail Designs for 2022

The dip powder mood-changing colors are the latest technology today, with their ability to change colors depending on your mood. This technique involves using a special nail powder that changes color depending on the temperature. Thus, you can see the difference when you move out into the sun. Similarly, the colors change as you switch on the AC at night and prepare to sleep.

Generally, the younger generation loves these mood-changing color designs more than the older women.

Dip Powder Baby Boomer Nails

Best Dip Nail Designs for 2022

Baby boomer nails are becoming popular, especially with the younger generation. The procedure is not difficult to master. However, you should note that this manicure involves using two colors, generally pink and white. Usually, the pink shade forms the base color, whereas the white goes towards the nail edges.

The procedure is similar to your regular dip manicure. However, there is an additional step before you apply the activator gel. First, you have the basecoat and then dip your nails into the pink base Nugenesis dip powder colors. Subsequently, you drop your nail edges in white powder carefully chosen from the Nugenesis dip powder color chart.

If you push your nail straight, it results in a straight line finish. However, you can push your fingernails at a 45-degree angle to get a well-rounded finish to augment your overall attractiveness quotient.

Other Dip Powder Nail Designs

Best Dip Nail Designs for 2022

Besides the nail designs described above, you can try various color shades like the ombre look, glitter design, and other nail art patterns. If you get bored with the usual designs, you can try different patterns like cow prints, holographic foils, or cheetah prints. The best aspect of dip nails is that all these patterns look great on your nails and enhance your beauty to the next level.

Final Thoughts

Powder dip manicures are great to have because they allow you to try out different designs depending on your preferences. In addition, the process is easy to master, and anyone can do it with a bit of practice.