Learn How To Get A Perfect Dip Powder Manicure

Learn How To Get A Perfect Dip Powder Manicure

A dip powder manicure ranks amongst the most favored manicures compared to other procedures like an acrylic extension or a gel polish manicure. Dip powders have advantages as they last long, protect the nail, are easy to have, and do not need UV lamps to dry the topcoat. So, a dip manicure is also one of the healthiest. That explains why more women are gravitating towards dip powders. But, do you know how to have a dip powder manicure at home? If not, you are at the right place because we discuss how to get the perfect dip manicure at home that can last for more than three to four weeks.

Learn How To Get A Perfect Dip Powder Manicure

How To Get The Best Dip Manicure At Home

The procedure is the most straightforward to master. A couple of practice sessions, and you will be fit to go.

Get Your Dip Nail Kits In Order

Keep your nail kit handy because dip powder topcoat applications can dry quickly without curing under the UV lamp. So, if your equipment is convenient, you can use it to touch up imperfections at any time.

Prepping Your Nails For The Manicure Is Crucial

Use a sterilized nail cutter to cut your nails. If there is existing nail polish, you should remove it using acetone. Rubbing a cotton swab dipped in acetone should suffice. If the stains are stubborn, you might have to undergo a complete removal procedure.

Your nail file can help blunt the edges and make them smooth. You can also shape your nails according to your requirements. Blunting the nail edges is crucial because sharp nails can injure people. Besides, it can result in nail breakage that can damage the dip powder manicure.

Your cuticles can interfere with your manicure. So, removing them from the nail bed is critical. But, you should refrain from snapping them because it can be painful. Instead, the right way to go about it is to push them gently into their grooves. It is also advisable to massage your cuticle area with cuticle oil. It helps reduce the tension around the area and also serves as a protective layer by not allowing the nail dipping powder to stick to them.

The nail buff should now take over to rough up the nail surface. It enables the basecoat application to adhere to the surface properly. Buffing the nail surface creates a lot of debris that could stick to the nail. Use alcohol wipes to remove the dust. Besides cleansing your nail surface, alcohol disinfects the nail by eliminating all bacteria.

Your nail prepping should take around 25 to 30 minutes. It is the most critical part of your dip manicure. Your manicure will be far from perfect if you compromise on this aspect.

Now, your nail surface is ready to get its basecoat application.

The Dip Powder Manicure

Shake the basecoat application bottle thoroughly and use a thin brush to apply the basecoat in a single layer to your nails. It is advisable to start from the base and leave some space for the cuticles. A thin basecoat is better because the nail dipping powder can be a thick layer.

Do not wait for the basecoat to dry, but dip your nails in the dip powder. Before dipping your nails, you should shake the bottle well to allow the monomer particles to mix well. When dipping your nail, you should do so at a 45-degree angle to enable the dipping powder to stick to the basecoat. Then, you can use a brush to spread the powder uniformly.

Alternatively, you can use a spoon to sprinkle dip powder on your nails. It is a better option because it is hygienic. But, it can result in the wastage of powder dip nails.

Now, you can apply the gel activator to the dip powder to help it bond with the basecoat. Wait for the application to dry before applying the topcoat application.

Shake the topcoat application bottle thoroughly. Use the thin brush provided with the bottle to apply a single layer of topcoat. Check out the luster. If you love a matte finish, you can have one more topcoat application and stop with that. However, if you love a glossy feel, you can have a couple of more topcoats.

The topcoat application does not take much time to dry. Your dipping nail manicure is ready to last for three weeks. If you maintain your nails properly, the manicure can be extended to even four weeks.

Final Thoughts

A dip nail manicure is exciting because of the extensive range of color options. Besides, the application procedure is simple that anyone can master with practice. So, come on and have a great dip powder manicure and show off.