Precautions To Take When Applying Dip Powder On Your Nails

Precautions To Take When Applying Dip Powder On Your Nails

Women globally have a wide choice when it comes to having nail manicures. Gel polish is an excellent technique, and so is the dip powder method. The best aspect of dipping powder is that the manicure lasts comfortably for three to four weeks without chipping away at the edges. However, one should take some precautions when applying dipping powder to ensure that the job is perfect in all respects. Here are the aspects that one has to be careful of.

Precautions To Take When Applying Dip Powder On Your Nails

Precautions To Take When Applying Dip Powder

Choose Your Dipping Powder Brand Carefully

Dipping powder is available in hundreds of brands and colors. However, not all of them are perfect for your nails. One should be careful when choosing the dipping powder brand. Spurious brands are available that can damage the nails. Choosing a reputed dipping powder brand like OPI nail dip is better. Besides ensuring a comprehensive range of colors, high-quality dipping powder is safe on your nails and skin.

Look At The Ingredients In The Dipping Powder Before Finalizing The Purchase

One should carefully look at the ingredients on the dipping powder product before purchasing them. Dipping powder manicures require the application of a basecoat to allow the powder to stick to the nail surface. The basecoat contains a special type of glue, also known as cyanoacrylates, that helps in easy adhesion. Cyanoacrylates are harmful substances used in suturing wounds to cure injuries. Hence, it is a nice idea to check out the ingredients and ensure that they do not contain traces of the “Krazy Glue.”

Shake The Dipping Powder Bottle Well Before Use

Dipping powder can form clumps inside the bottle and make the entire manicure look unpleasant. Hence, one should shake the bottle thoroughly and let the powder mix well before use. You can use your hands to shake the bottle. Alternatively, mechanical powder shakers ensure proper distribution of dipping powder inside the bottle.

Choose The Dipping Powder Colors In Advance

Before you sit down for your dipping powder manicure, you should choose the colors carefully. OPI nail dip powder colors are available in different shades and hues. Choosing your colors in advance ensures there is no unnecessary mixing of colors that can damage the dipping powder manicure.

Prepping Your Nails Before The Manicure Is Critical

Your nails can have existing nail polish residue that requires removal before applying the new coat. Otherwise, the polish could lift and cause gaps in the nails leading to water accumulation and nail infections. Therefore, one should clean the nail surface thoroughly with alcohol or acetone to ensure the removal of all polish traces. Using alcohol disinfects the nails and protects them from infections.

Use The Right Technique To Apply Dipping Powder Polish

The general procedure is to dip the nails into the dipping powder bottle at an angle to allow the polish to stick to the basecoat. However, it is an unhygienic method because you never know who has used the procedure before. If they had nail infections, they could pass it on to you. Therefore, the right technique of applying dipping powder is to sprinkle the powder on your nail surface and use a thin brush to even it out. Alternatively, you can take some powder in a separate bowl and dip your fingers in it.

Dust Off Excess Powder From The Nails

One should remember to dust off the excess dipping powder from the nails, or you could end up with a thick coating of nail polish on your hands. The thicker the polish coat, the greater are the chances of nail polish lifting from the nails. Hence, one should use a clean brush to gently dust off the excess powder and ensure a thin coat.

Avoid Getting The Powder Into The Cuticle Grooves

When applying dipping powder polish, the powder can get into the cuticle grooves and, thus, not properly stick to the nail surface. The best way to avoid the powder getting into the grooves is to leave a small gap on the nail surface when applying the basecoat. Then, as the powder sticks to the basecoat, the gap ensures that it does not enter the cuticle grooves in any way. Of course, you can always dust off the powder from the grooves easily if you follow this procedure.

Have A Thin Topcoat Layer

The topcoat is the final application that completes the dipping powder manicure. Having a thin coat is crucial because it ensures a good matte finish. However, if you desire a glossy feel, you can apply multiple coats to deliver the shine.

Final Thoughts

Using OPI dip powder nails are easy, but one should be careful during the manicure procedure. It ensures a thorough job that lasts comfortably for three to four weeks. Mastering the dipping powder manicure technique is easy if you follow the precautions listed above. Now, you can enjoy your manicure and exhibit it on your social media handles for everyone to admire.