What Kind Of Tattoo Last Longer

What Kind Of Tattoo Last Longer

After spending tons of money on a tattoo, nobody wants it to fade away. If you have a tattoo, maybe you are also worried about your tattoo’s fading, or maybe you just don’t want to get through that pain again. No matter whatever your reason is, you can prevent the fading problem of your tattoo to a limited extent. Although there is no guarantee that your tattoo will not dissolve at all but by following some measures, you can delay it for sure.

What Kind Of Tattoo Last Longer

Ink Matters

You can take some advice from your tattoo artist beforehand on what kind of tattoos will last longer. Because of sun exposure, some tattoos change their colors, or the crisp lines become scattered after some time. Black ink for tattoo can come in handy in this situation because black ink doesn’t change color or don’t fade away that easily. Now it’s up to your design as well. But I would suggest not to go for a design because of the color as it is a permanent thing.

Taking Care Is Necessary

Give yourself time to heal before going out. If you want your tattoo to look as intense as possible, then the first thing that you should do is to take your time. Your tattooed skin can be susceptible, especially for the first few weeks. Don’t just go around as the skin may catch an infection if it comes close to any unfavorable condition. Cover the area with clothing or anything comfortable while wearing loose-fitting clothes to help the skin keep breathing.

Please avoid prolonged sun exposure even after the healing process is done. When your tattoo is still healing, your skin is not ready for the sun tanning session. As it can not only damage your newly formed tattoo but can also cause damage to your skin permanently. A white ring around the tattoo can appear because of this. Even after the skin is back in its previous form, you still would not want to expose yourself to the sun’s heat for an extended period. As it can cause a change in the ink color since the ink reacts to too much sun exposure to induce this behavior.

When you sit under the sun, and the tattoo gets heated for long, the ink reacts and may trigger the fading away process. So to avoid all the possibilities like this, you can just take some simple steps. Avoid the sun as much as possible, and even if you want, always apply a generous amount of sunscreen on your skin. You should always carry sunscreen whenever going out because they melt away after a specific time. You can also try covering it up using clothes or a scarf.

Tattoo aftercare is essential from every aspect. Every tattoo parlor has a different kind of aftercare routine based on their ink or techniques. The first thing you should ask for is a proper aftercare routine. Even the tattoo artist can also provide you with some fantastic tips and tricks that they have learned from their experience.

Choose what products you are using on your skin wisely. The moisturizer or lotion, sunscreen or body wash, everything should be tattoo-friendly. The tattoo artist or the parlor can help you in this as well. Sometimes they even provide products for the tattoo.


The truth is your tattoo may start fading away or may lose its prominent design, or maybe you cannot keep it in the same way consistently, but you can care for keeping it in shape. Then you always have the option open to just re-touching it if you are passionate about it.