The 5 Biggest Nail Trends In 2021

The 5 Biggest Nail Trends In 2021

Numerous changes in terms of designs and products have been witnessed in the manicure industry. The biggest nail product producers have been on the rush to flood the market with their products. Furthermore, manicure designers have been on the race to invent the coolest nail designs that everyone can envy both in the present and the future. Suffice it to say; upcoming trends give developers some migraines as they struggle to provide their clients with world-class designs at the most affordable prices. The manufacturers of different nail product like Acrylics, gels or dip systems like Kiara sky, SNS, DND or Nugenesis dip powder systems among others are also in a rush to develop some of the best products that can be used by designers to come up with can be used to will serve their clients in the best way possible. As such, there is a need to acquaint ourselves with the upcoming 2021 nail trends.

At the moment, the manicure industry is dealing with WFH standards. A considerable number of trending nail designs can be approached from a DIY angle; thus, adding a few twists will see them better and more refined. All you need is the right products for your endeavours therefore when you go shopping for nail products, make sure that you get the best gels, acrylics or dip powder colours like SNS, DND or Nugenesis nail colors. With the best products, smiley faces, rhinestones and other fun add-ons will be easy to create. To get a peek of some of the best upcoming designs that are likely to rock 2021, just read through the item below and find the most favourite manicure that you would love to try in 2021.

Biggest Nail Trends

Indie Nails


Indie nails are an upcoming trend that manicure nail designers are optimistic about their manicure industry position. After a long Pinterest search, this design shows potential in becoming one of the classiest 2021 methods that will be highly sought for. The design is inspired by mismatched emoji where each nail has a different emoji.

Red French


This year had been filled with a cherry-red manicure with everyone wearing it all-over, especially during the holiday season. However, in 2021, we expect something different. The red french involves a fusion between the French-manicure, the most timeless of all the designs with the seasonal tones. The resultant look will be a mixture of elegance and modernism. Therefore, we expect manicure lovers to enjoy a more sophisticated but better look leaving them looking gorgeous and stunning.

Rhinestone Accents


This is one of the looks that have always been understated, but we expect it to be the next big thing in 2021. Despite being understated, the rhinestone accent has been used by some of the world’s top manicurists and models and celebrities. To achieve the design, you should first begin with a light pink polish or sheer nude. Add a layer of a few gemstones to the sheer or pink coat to make it a little bit twinkly. The resultant design provides you with an irresistible look that you will want to wear all year round.

Tinsel Tips


The tinsel tip design is one of the festive designs expected to be top-notch in 2021. This design is a French-manicure spin-off. However, unlike the French manicure where there is a single stripe that runs across the tip, the tinsel tip involves the orientation of thin lines that run vertically from the tip to the nail’s centre using metallic shades and an assortment of colours. Nonetheless, do not worry about the complexity because the design is easier than you can imagine. It might need steady hands or professional touch, but you can comfortably do it at home when you get used to it.

Chocolate Marble


This design was created by Queenie Nguyen, a celebrity nail artist. It was created by adding Camila Coelho’s gold marble details on a neutral chocolate-brown manicure. Queenie termed it as warm and cosy vibes with a touch of holiday. The energy that comes with the design is limitless, and it will come in handy in 2021, especially after now that everyone wants to recover and rejuvenate from the Covid pandemic. Therefore this design not only makes you gorgeous, but it gives you something that you can look up to.


The year 2020 was a hard time to meet our resolutions. But since we have pulled through all the trouble, we need to find a way to shine this coming year. Going for the best manicure is one of the ways to make your year shiny and prosperous. After all, despite the problems, you must remain gorgeous and well, we need to come up with something new for 2021 but you do not have to worry because we have got you covered. Just try one of your favourite designs explained in this article for the best results.